After content has been edited, proofreading is the final read-over stage before publication or distribution.

Proofreading tidies up the copy, looking for accuracy and consistency in the writing and layout.

Getting that last read-through could be the difference in sending out content with spelling mistakes, incorrect information or messy layout. With a good editor on the job, it’s an investment in your business or project.

Claire Savage Editorial will:

  • Check your content for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Look for consistency throughout the editorial
  • Suggest changes to improve the content
  • Ensure the project is ready for publication

IMG_6835Whether you’re about to upload content to your website, send off a business document or anything else, Claire Savage Editorial will ensure that it’s good to go.


Providing a professional and efficient service, Claire offers reliable proofreading services for all types of projects, so if you need an outside eye, then just get in touch!


Have a writing project which isn't mentioned here?

Claire Savage Editorial provides a range of other services on demand, including editing and proofreading for authors and students, as well as ghost-writing services for non-fiction. Commissions for journalistic articles are also accepted.

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