Copy-editing / rewriting

Copy-editing / Rewriting

Whether you’re writing material for websites, blogs, brochures, speeches or anything else, when it comes to creating content, it’s important that it not only reads well, but that it’s free from error.

According to recent research from Global Lingo, 59% of Britons would not use a company with poor grammar on its website. With this in mind, it’s subsequently important to make a fantastic first impression on your customers with sparkling, tailor-made content that will present you at your best.

Editors are writers who read and readers who write…

Copy-editors care about the voice, style and message of the content they edit, and they seek to preserve this while enhancing its accuracy.

Claire Savage Editorial will ensure that writing:

  • Is accurately presented (according to the details supplied by the client)
  • Is consistent with regards to content and style
  • Is correct in terms of spelling and grammar
  • Speaks directly to your target audience
  • Is an appropriate length for the project
  • Says exactly what you want it to say, in the way you want to say it

A poorly written article, blog, website or piece of marketing material with spelling mistakes and bad grammar will give a bad impression of your business. Fresh eyes will always spot something in the text that you missed and will also give you an outside opinion on the message conveyed.

Claire Savage Editorial provides a reliable copy-editing and rewriting service, so if you want that important document to be given the once-over, then please do get in touch.

From correcting typos and grammar, to rewriting copy and making it more appealing to a particular readership, Claire can do all this for an affordable price.


Have a writing project which isn't mentioned here?

Claire Savage Editorial provides a range of other services on demand, including editing and proofreading for authors and students, as well as ghost-writing services for non-fiction. Commissions for journalistic articles are also accepted.

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