The charm of Janmary Designs…

After a little hiatus, the business blog stories are back and my first interviewee this time around is Janine Mayes from Janmary Designs… Based in Lisburn and on the North Coast, where her family has a holiday home, Janine creates a range of ‘quirky affordable jewellery and gifts using vintage-style Tibetan silver charms’. She also […]

Sending your press release

So far, we’ve covered how to structure your press release, how to write headlines and how to write the body content of your release. Next up, is where to actually send it. Now, you might think that looking up all the local press emails and just firing your press release out to them all in […]

Writing the body of your press release

So far, we’ve looked at how to structure your press release and how to write headlines. Next up is actually writing the body content of the release, which should give an overview of what the story is that you’re pitching. Remember: You don’t have to write the story yourself. Just present the key facts to […]

How to write headlines

The art of writing headlines can be tricky to master and, while it will ultimately be the journalist’s job to decide what that is, your press release should still have a well thought-out headline. Having worked in the newspaper industry for many years, and as a sub-editor alongside much more seasoned sub-editors, I know first-hand […]

How to write a press release

Traditional marketing methods are still very useful when it comes to getting your business noticed, and the best way to grab a journalist’s attention is by sending them a professional looking press release. There are lots of things to consider when writing and sending a press release, which I’ll address in a separate post, but […]

Double author visit at Waterstones Coleraine

Intersections: Bodies, Borders and Belonging tour from Doire Press champions local writers Book lovers on the North Coast are in for a treat this weekend as not one, but two, local writers visit Waterstones Coleraine as part of a special reading tour by Doire Press. Bangor author, Kelly Creighton, and Holywood poet, Emma McKervey, will […]

Northern Ireland’s first tea bar

INFUSE Tea Bar: Experience the joys of tea – differently … Northern Ireland is about to get its very first specialist tea bar … and Coleraine is where you’ll find it! Run by Áine McGuckian and Duncan Davis, INFUSE Tea Bar will open its doors in August and will be based at 52 New Row […]

Changing corporate culture…

The latest entrepreneur to feature on my business blog is Fiona Bradley from Fiona Bradley Training and Consultancy Ltd in Coleraine. I first met Fiona not long after I set up my own business. She was also in the early stages of her self-employed adventure and we met for a coffee and connected online via […]

Creating customer-focused content

If you’re constantly creating content for your business but feel you could be getting better results, then consider this – is your customer at the heart of that content? As a copywriter, I work with a wide range of businesses, writing content for everything from blogs and brochures, to websites, brand journalism articles and more. […]

Developing personal brand identities

As a copywriter, I help businesses communicate their brand identity a lot in my day-to-day work – whether it’s through writing website copy, blogs, press releases or any other content. However, it’s often much easier to spot someone else’s brand identity than it is to define your own. Indeed, what we think we’re conveying to […]