Copywriting for: Brochures and leaflets

Business Brochures and Leaflets

Get the most out of carefully designed brochures and leaflets by including professional content which speaks directly to your target audience. Whether it’s an annual business booklet, a company leaflet, or a school publication, a professional copywriter will ensure the content delivers the right message to your intended readers.

Powerful promotion comes in a package – great content, with great design. Show your customers what you can do for them.


Claire Savage Editorial will:

  • Write compelling content suited to the style of your company/organisation
  • Present key facts and figures in an interesting and engaging way
  • Creatively convey the message you want to get across
  • Produce copy which is clear and concise and easy to understand

Business brochures are often full of corporate writing which doesn’t translate into an easy-to-read format for those outside this sphere. If you’re targeting customers rather than colleagues, then hiring a copywriter will guarantee clearly written content which will appeal to a wider audience.

Meanwhile, leaflets have limited space for including everything you want to say, so it pays to have an expert write the content to ensure the maximum impact. As a trained journalist, Claire has years of experience in writing concise news articles and can condense information into more easily digestible portions.

If you’ve invested heavily in designing a beautiful brochure or leaflet to attract potential and existing customers, then it’s important not to let this go to waste with badly written copy. With Claire Savage Editorial, you can enjoy a fast and efficient service from an experienced copywriter who will deliver the right message for your business.

Copywriting example for Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council:

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Claire Savage Editorial provides a range of other services on demand, including editing and proofreading for authors and students, as well as ghost-writing services for non-fiction. Commissions for journalistic articles are also accepted.

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